No-one’s Ever Really Gone…

A wild Sophie appeared!!

Well hello there, and I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last uploaded! So, where have I been? Have I quit Star Wars? Am I now a Trekkie? Have I stopped reading? Have I taken up billiards instead?

The answer is… none of the above! I have been reading like it’s going out of fashion and my love for Star Wars only increases with every book I read! The truth is, I’ve had a writer’s block of sorts. As followers of this blog (*Kenobi voice* hello there!) will know, I had been chuffing along nicely with my reviews and ramblings on here for a long time then…nothing. My last post was September last year 😭 and I’ve read TONS of Star Wars books since then – Most Wanted, Leia: Princess of Alderaan, The Legends of Luke Skywalker, the Force Heretic trilogy…

The Thing is, since last summer I’ve been lucky enough to receive advance copies of the adult novels from Star Wars Books UK (thankyouthankyouthankyou) which is incredible. Not only do I get the books which I adore sent to me for free, but it happened because they saw this teeny tiny little blog, my small corner of the Internet, where I rabbit away about my love for this incredible franchise and its wonderful expanded universe! Suddenly this page went from a kind of public diary where I recorded my memories from each book I had read, to somewhere I would need to upload super profesh reviews of these books because that’s what they want, right? A review fit for a column in the Guardian which is full of wit and insight. For people to read and think “by golly that was thought-provoking, I wil go purchase this book and consume it myself”.

So with this wonderful gift, this generous donation of a free little bundle of ink and paper, came a ton of self inflicted pressure to write a stirring analysis of the book. Soooo yeah. I basically fretted. And wrote no more posts on here, and instead tried tp squeeze my bookish thoughts into the small character space of Twitter, saving my more detailed feelings for Instagram. But this blog is really where it all started for me and, more importantly, it was the thing I did in fandom purely for myself. This blog was never really about likes and comments (although I do love it when people do take the time to engage 😘), it was my road map of the expanded universe. It was about my journey through the Star Wars books and something for me to look back on and remind myself what I thought about these books, what my first impressions were, which characters I was excited about and which books moved or shook me to my core (looking and YOU Star by Star!!). Somewhere along the way I think I lost this.

But I’ve realised, these arcs were sent to me because of this blog. Because of my personal way of expressing my love for this GFFA and because of the people who like to engage with me. (pssst that’s you guys by the way!!) We talk about these books and scream together about them, or I scream at everyone to get this or that book because ahbkjvfsah 😭❀️😭❀️ (my most used turn of phrase online!!) Maybe, just maybe, they actually already liked the way I write about Star Wars, and didn’t need me to switch to a more high brow tone. Maybe they just wanted my take on Star Wars books?

SO where does this leave the future of this blog? Well I’m delighted to say I will be returning to blogging, putting less pressure on myself and just reviewing the books how I always used to – I will tell you how they made me feel. I will carry on documenting my personal journey through the Star Wars expanded universe. The journey has changed so much in the last few years (I can’t believe I’m talking about this blog in terms of years now!) I was in a really terrible place when I first decided to start this blog, and there were days when taking a photo of a Star Wars book, uploading it to here and talking about it was about the only good thing to happen to me that day. It makes me so proud to look back at those old photos (even if I CRINGE at how bad they were!!!) because even though I had no idea what I was doing, even though no one was reading and I mostly just wanted to curl in a ball and cry all day, I got up, took those pictures and created this blog ❀️❀️ This blog was born in some of my lowest moments, and I really owe it to past Sophie to pick it up again.

I do want a little disclaimer, now that there are in fact other human beans reading this blog apart from my mum, regarding books I’m sent and the dreaded ‘shill’ phrase. Given how a lot of authors are literally one tweet away, I’m really uncomfortable posting a bad review on here. Plus, this page (and my social media accounts) were born from the light side, from a desire to express my love for these things, not tear them down. Therefore, if I read something I don’t like, even if it has been sent to me from the publishers, I just won’t review it. And chances are I won’t be talking about it on any social media platform either. I just don’t want to waste all our time on something I’m not into. So if I’ve reviewed something on here and I’m screaming about how happy it made me, then you know I’m telling the truth!😊

The upcoming posts will be the Force Heretic trilogy (because oh my days I’m so close to finishing the NJO – a whole separate, probably all caps blog post will be uploaded on that day) and my review of Master and Apprentice by Claudia Gray. I got this book sent to me soooo early! I am literally dying to talk about it and my heart is just about ready to burst!!


Ps. Note I’ve dropped the WordPress from the website – Outer Rim Reviews is officially a dot com!!

One thought on “No-one’s Ever Really Gone…

  1. Welcome to the world of the .com!! It feels so good and professional to drop the WordPress bit from the URL doesn’t it?! Also, please don’t go high brow, the world has plenty of those already!! Definitely keep writing as you/in your own voice as that’s what got this blog noticed in the first place. I like the idea of only doing positive reviews but I think if I did that with films I would be missing off a lot haha. Welcome back and happy blogging!!


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