One Year of Outer Rim Reviews!!

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Outer Rim Reviews turns one year old today! Huzzah! As I am sat writing this, it feels a bit surreal to think that one year ago today I tentatively uploaded my first post about my journey through the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Since that first post, I have read 24 Expanded Universe novels and 4 new canon books (reviews will be coming for those soon!). I’ve laughed and cried on this crazy journey, and met some incredible characters who I know are going to stay with me for the rest of my life. I do believe that it really is the characters who define these novels. Be it canon or Legends, the strength in Star Wars lies in its memorable characters from lovable rogues, brave heroes to evil villains.

Something I have also loved about the Expanded Universe is the abundance of awesome female characters for me to connect with. When I was a kid, I used to pretend to be Luke Skywalker because I never really connected with Leia and, back then, there was really no-one else to choose from. Who knew that there was an entire galaxy filled with Mara Jade, Jaina Solo, Shada D’ukal, Cilghal, Tahiri Veila or even Darth Zannah and Eldon Ax? In the new canon books I’ve read so far, I fallen in love with Lyra Erso, have a newfound adoration for Jyn Erso and have a grudging admiration for the cunning and tenacity of Arihnda Pryce. I wish that 8 year old Sophie had met some of these incredible ladies, but, I guess it’s better late than never!

As I reflect on a year in Star Wars literature, I thought I would mention some particular highlights for me:-

  1. Mara Jade – I loved her from the moment I first read about her in Heir to the Empire and I still love her now, in the depths of the New Jedi Order. She has gone on the most incredible character journey and, to me, is part of the heart and soul of Star Wars along with Han, Luke and Leia.
  2. Timothy Zahn – when I started reading Star Wars books, I never thought that an author would be joining the ranks of my all time favourite authors ever! (The list includes Anne Rice, Robin Hobb, JK Rowling, Kate Elliott, Stephen King and, now, Tim Zahn!) His writing is stunning, he really ‘gets’ Star Wars and I hope we have many more books from him.
  3. The Jedi Academy trilogy – it was fun and totally bonkers. I adored Kyp Durron (still do as a matter of fact) and thought he was a fresh addition to the GFFA. Admiral Daala amused me greatly as did all the Suncrusher shenanigans. It was pure, unapologetic Star Wars fun and I had an absolute blast reading the trilogy!
  4. Catalyst – my first dive into the new canon and one of my favourite Star Wars novels so far. I think it is vital reading for fans of Rogue One and that film will never be the same after reading Catalyst.
  5. Sith lore – from the Sith holocrons in the Darth Bane trilogy to the malevolent insights of Exar Kun, Legends has done wonders for my knowledge and understanding of the dark side of the force. They are a fascinating creed (especially back in the Old Republic) and worthy adversaries of the Jedi.  
  6. The New Jedi Order – I did a post a little while ago about my trepidation regarding this series. I know that some people cannot stand it so I’ll freely admit I was worried going in. So far however I am loving it – it’s a wild ride but I am loving every moment so far. It has really shaken up Star Wars for me and the Yuuzhan Vong are an interesting and radical new enemy that I think the Legends universe needed. That’s my thoughts so far – I might change my mind by the end of the series! Haha!

When I started this blog, I wanted to document my journey through the epic series of novels which defined Star Wars fandom for so many years, and continue to do so. I wanted to be able to look back at my thoughts and remember my experiences with such a vast endeavour. I never thought that this blog would become a springboard to a whole world of fandom I never knew was out there. I have connected with so many people on Twitter and Instagram, made wonderful new friends online and had amazing and engaging conversations with people who love the books just as much as me. For so long I had been pretty much alone in my fandom, with no-one to talk to about my love of the Star Wars books so I started this blog as an outlet for my inner fangirl. Now I get to chat with people about these wonderful novels and share our thoughts on the wonderful world of Star Wars literature.

Things have changed so much in a year. Not only is this blog still chuffing along smoothly but I am also now a blog writer for! Exciting right?! I don’t do book reviews over there, it’s mostly Star Wars thoughts and musings. Also, because I could basically talk about Star Wars all day, I now co-host with my husband Phil a Star Wars podcast called Bright Tree Radio. I am having such a blast being an active member of the Star Wars fan community as well as being a creator of content!

So as Outer Rim Reviews turns One, I guess all that’s left to say is thank you to everyone who is following and guiding me on this Legendary journey through the Expanded Universe! I am so grateful people take the time to read my thoughts and interact with me about these amazing novels. May the Force be with you, always.

6 thoughts on “One Year of Outer Rim Reviews!!

  1. A great one year old post and a true reflection of your incredible passion; what a wonderful thing Literature is. Happy Birthday Outer Rim Reviews! xxx


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