New Jedi Order: Vector Prime


Well there is certainly a different feel to this book compared to the New Republic era books I’ve read so far! Character-wise, Leia and Han are a little off at the moment, but I am really liking the portrayal of Jacen, Jaina and Anakin so this more than makes up for it! Jaina is just the coolest with her stylish flying techniques and I loved Jacen and Anakin’s verbal and literal sparring as their different ideals regarding the force and the Jedi clash. I actually found the Solo children to be the most interesting characters, which was such a pleasant surprise. The three of them are all very different individuals, but they are all extremely compelling and likeable.

I was also chuffed to bits to read that Kyp Durron, our favourite loose-cannon Jedi is back! Kyp is such an interesting character, pretty much the polar opposite of Luke and I am so pleased he is going to play a part in the Vong war.

The whole story with Danni Quee and the scientists on Belkadan was extremely interesting, it reminded me of the kind of drama and suspense Peter F Hamilton creates in his novels – to quote the book, “…something very big and very bad was going on…’, but it was a case of trying to guess how bad and who, if anyone, would end up living to tell the tale!

The Yuuzhan Vong are certainly an interesting enemy for our heroes to face. Based on first impressions, I think I like them! They are a very different, intimidating and powerful species and the fact that they are pretty much immune to the force creates an interesting tension every time they come up against the Jedi. The Vong absolutely revile mechanical technology and use their own living, organic technology. I’m not going to lie – all the various Vong phrases and items was a little bit baffling at first – ooglith cloakers, gnulliths, villips…it was a lot to get your head around!

Of course, I can’t talk about Vector Prime and not talk about The Bad Thing that happens….yes that’s right, this is the novel where Chewie dies. Knowing it was coming (and knowing that this is non-canon blah blah) didn’t make his passing any less painful. It’s extremely sad and strange to think that the next time I will read Han and Chewie on page together will be when I pick up the Aftermath books! 😦 However, all things considered, it was a magnificent end for our favourite Wookie as he is taken out but nothing less than a small moon! Plus, I feel that the stakes have been raised to new
heights for this series, no-one is safe!

Overall, Vector Prime certainly kicked things off with a bang! It was a great introduction to the Vong and I’m definitely worried where things are headed. My feelings pretty much echo Han’s at the end of this novel, “the galaxy suddenly seems a more dangerous place by far…”

4 thoughts on “New Jedi Order: Vector Prime

  1. Great review. As you might have heard, I’m a big Vong fan and fan of NJO. Things certainly do get extraordinarily bad as the series continues. Bit our heroes shine all the more because of it. I hope you keep on enjoying the books. I look forward to the following reviews.

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