New Jedi Order: The Deep Breath before the Plunge!


I thought I would take a brief moment to pause before we leap out of the frying pan that was the New Republic era and dive headlong into the fire that is the New Jedi Order series!

We are heading well out of my comfort zone with this next series of books. First, I have never read a series much longer than seven or so books. The New Jedi Order is a series which spans NINETEEN, yes nineteen books. (Fans of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series will be aware that 19 is a pretty ominous number…)

I know from the nerd-verse that the New Jedi Order are an extremely polarising series of books. I know that they are darker and much more adult than the novels I have just finished reading. I know the good guys lose, a lot. I’m a pretty impatient person and I don’t know how I will handle watching my heroes get a battering book after book. Having said that, there are people out there who love these books…so I’m keeping my mind open.

I am looking forward to seeing the twins as I know they will be about 16 years old in these books, so hopefully considerably less annoying then they have been for the entire New Republic series. I’m looking forward to giving a crap about Anakin. And I’m looking forward to seeing Luke’s fully fledged Jedi Academy in action. I am also looking forward to seeing how our heroes fare against a powerful and deadly alien race – something we’ve not really had in the EU since Truce at Bakura. Maybe we do need a little break from the remnants of the pesky Empire to go rounds with a new enemy?

This will be the first series of Star Wars books for me which doesn’t have Timothy Zahn writing and that makes me slightly nervous. With the New Republic era, I always knew no matter how bonkers it got or how far it drifted from my vision of what should happen to everyone, I knew that Zahn would be there to round everything off at the end with the Hand of Thrawn duology and that was immensely reassuring. I feel like I am heading off into a dark and dangerous galaxy without my Zahn comfort blanket!

Anyways, those are my initial thoughts as I head into the New Jedi Order. I probably won’t do a post on each and every book because that will take foreverrrr. So I will probably group them into 3 or 4 books (maybe the odd standalone book if it’s a biggie) and react accordingly. I think I will then do a summary of the whole series with a Death Star rating to boot.

So without any further ado – I’m off to fight the Vong – see you on the other side!


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