Let’s talk about The Clone Wars: Season 1


Well that’s a wrap for season one! My initial thoughts….not too bad at all! I’m not going to do an episode by episode review as we’ll be here forever, so instead I will just put down some of my thoughts on the series as a whole.

The Clone Wars film had piqued my interest in the series and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Overall there were only a couple of what felt like filler episodes, and the Jar Jar screen time was kept to a minimum which was a relief! You generally follow a particular storyline for 2 or 3 episodes before it’s wrapped up and you move on to another thread.
So although they are only 20 minutes long, you do get a satisfying story as they generally follow on from each other.

Character-wise, my standout favourite was of course Ahsoka. We started to see some development from her as a character and as a Jedi and I always looked forward to her story arcs.

Turning to the other characters, I feel we didn’t see enough of Obi-Wan, he definitely takes a back seat in the series in favour of Anakin. Looking at Anakin, at the moment he still feels very level-headed and light-sideish. It will be interesting to see how they handle his ultimate path of destruction as by the time we see him in Revenge of the Sith he has definitely gone a long way towards his fall to darkness.

Asajj Ventress has made a welcome return in the series, I am definitely interested to see more of her. Again, I am thinking she will ultimately be killed off by the end of the Clone Wars as she isn’t around in Revenge of the Sith but I guess I will have to wait and see! Anyways, she is a fierce warrior and I am loving her lightsaber fighting style! Will be good
to see her in action more. As a highly trained Sith assassin she has yet to inflict any real damage on our heroes but I suppose there are plenty more series to come for that! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Finally, this series has seen us delve into the minds of the clones (eg Rex & Cody) and start to see them more as individual human beings as opposed to the mindless soldiers you take them for initially. I still don’t 100% care about them as characters but this series has made good steps in that direction (although maybe it’s better not to care about them because, you know, Order 66 and all…)

So, in terms of favourite episodes of the series:-

Episode 9 – Cloak of Darkness aka Ahsoka & Luminara v Ventress – an episode led entirely by Ahsoka and Luminara (who looks awesome by the way!) and ends in an epic battle between them and Asajj. I love a bit of girl power and this episode had that in heaps.


Episode 13 – Jedi Crash – Anakin is badly wounded in a battle and General Aayla Secura and Ahsoka team up to help to search for medical help for Anakin on an embattled planet. I mean, it’s Ahsoka and Aayla so this was obviously going to be a favourite of mine (are you seeing a pattern emerge here?!). In all seriousness, Aayla was trying to teach Ahsoka the benefits to a Jedi of having no personal attachments – a lesson I’m not convinced Ahsoka has completely taken on board…

Episode 19 – Storm over Ryloth – Ryloth, home world of the Twi’lek people, has been subjected to military occupation by the droid army of the Separatists, and surrounded by a blockade of Trade Federation battleships. While launching a surprise attack against the blockade, Ahsoka disobeys Anakin’s orders and ends up losing most of her squadron. Even though she’s emotionally rocked by this failure, Anakin helps her learn to persevere, placing her in charge of another risky attack. This episode looked at the developing relationship between Anakin and Ahsoka and was a good bit of character development for Ahsoka. Much to learn, this young padawan has…

Overall a strong first series but needs more Obi-Wan in series 2!

Rating: 4 out of 5 Death Stars for Season 1 of The Clone Wars


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