Let’s talk about The Clone Wars: The Movie

Taking a break from the EU – for my birthday in July I received seasons 1 – 6 of The Clone Wars! For anyone who has been living in a sarlacc pit for the last few years, The Clone Wars is an animated TV series set between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Remember when Yoda said at the end of Episode II – ‘Begun the Clone Wars have’ and then we get to Episode III and we’re all like ‘Wut? Huh??! What happened in the Clone Wars? The war is over already?!’. Well fret no more because the series brings to life the previously untold stories of what happened.
My Clone Wars adventure started with the 2008 film called The Clone Wars (this will get confusing because the TV series also has the same title soz…
Anyways, here are my thoughts on the film:-
Fans coming into this expecting Star Wars Episode 2.5 will be very disappointed. I actually think it’s better to think of this as a very long pilot episode for the TV series rather than a standalone film. Its definitely more lighthearted and I think kids will love it. Adult fans will possibly have a harder time dealing with Stinky the Hutt & co but to get maximum enjoyment I think just kick back and accept it for what it is – a new, fun adventure in the Star Wars universe!
The animation takes a little getting used to but once I did I started to really like it! Generally I think where characters have been on film (so Anakin, Mace Windu – a notable pair) suffer a bit with the animation, Anakin’s appearance is so off it’s a little jarring at first, but new characters like the Clone troopers, Asajj Ventress and,of course Ahsoka Tano look great especially when you don’t have anything to compare them to!
Which brings me nicely to Ahsoka! I know she divides fans and by the sounds of it people either love her or hate her. I admit I was more shocked than anything to learn that Anakin had an apprentice – I mean, she’s not in Revenge of the Sith so we must conclude that she dies right?! Who knows….maybe Rebels fans do! (I’ll start watching Rebels after Clone Wars obv) But as for her as a character I found her sweet and endearing. Yep, you have an Ahsoka fan here! She’s sassy, brave and strong. Plus, we needed someone to stand up to Anakin every now and then! There banter was very fun to watch. I am looking forward to see their relationship develop as I start the series. She is refreshing female character in the male-dominated Prequel era – as a girl I am super thrilled that we have a kick ass chick as arguably one of the main characters! When I was a kid I used to pretend to be Luke, mostly because I didn’t have much of a choice! Leia wasn’t strong enough back then for me to look up to (coughgoldbikinicough) but, if I had watched the Clone Wars as a kid, I know I would have spent my playtime pretending to be Ahsoka Tano instead – and that is a completely marvellous thing.
The animation in The Clone Wars means that they can go places that the films really can’t and we get to see the Jedi flex their force muscles and show what they can do. The most memorable moment in the whole film comes from a vertical firefight up the side of a sheer cliff face – a truly thrilling scene which stole the show for me.
Overall – yes it has it’s problems but it’s a fun and exciting film and it got me genuinely interested in the TV series. I can’t wait to see more of Ahsoka! Yep – Ahsoka haters to the left!! ❤
Rating: it’s 4 out of 5 Death Stars for The Clone Wars!

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